Audio and Video Samples

The Mermaid’s Song (recorded for album “Songs of the Sea” with Celtic band Charmas)

Mingulay Boat Song (recorded for “Songs of the Sea”)

Skye Boat Song (VIDEO live with Charmas at Don Quixotes in Santa Cruz, 2016)

Burial At Sea Video (VIDEO excerpts of Farewell to the Creeks, Skye Boat Song, Going Home, and Amazing Grace)

Blue Bonnets Over the Border (6/8 Military March, played in rock song Sky Pilot)

Paddy Be Easy  (Danceable Jig)

Black Bear (Fun Kickoff for Golf Tournaments, Running Races)


Flowers of the Forest (Military Funeral Tune/Beautiful Slow Aire)

Donald MacLellan of Rothsay (Competition 2/4 March)

Scotland the Brave (Most Popular Quick March)

Dougalds Favorite Jig (Danceable Jig)

Highland Cathedral (Most Requested Wedding March)

Road to the Isles (Cheerful Song Melody)

Blue Bonnets Over the Border At Five Points VIDEO Whiskey Tasting at Five Points Bar in San Jose – proof that a crowd of carousing whiskey drinkers can converse loudly enough to barely notice Great Highland Bagpipes!

Hector the Hero (video mostly of peacocks from birthday party, 2015) Hector the Hero

VIDEO Members of Monterey Bay Pipe Band performing at Operation Surf 2016 in Santa Cruz

VIDEO Monterey Bay Pipe Band competition set Monterey Highland Games 2016

VIDEO Monterey Bay Pipe Band competition set Monterey Highland Games 2013

VIDEO Monterey Bay Pipe Band performing Christmas music with David Brewer, Rebecca Lomnicky, elaborate drum corps and a symphony, at Twin Lakes Church, Dec. 2012 Little Drummer Boy